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IT"S NOT GREEN,  IT"S NOT CLEAN!  All cleaners clean surfaces but not our air, water and soil!  CLEANO cleans Both!

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121 Million tons of toxic materials produced Annually!

All cleaners clean on the surfaces while poison our air, water and soil with "EPA" acceptable levels. Their not clean!  SAPD LLC sells and distribute only true green cleaners 100% free of all toxic materials and Volatile Organic Chemicals,  Now thats clean.  

SAPD LLC. & Sgt. D. Birtness are driven.

  • Fifty three years ago I was introduced to the world of toxic chemicals in the jungles of Vietnam, "Agent Orange". In 1975 with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department again toxic chemicals form of PCP & Meth labs, burning buildings and chemical fires. Now with a compromised respiratory system. "CLEANO" has removed all the chemicals that cause breathing problems in my home. I breathe much easier and with out an inhaler!  

MRO show Dallas Texas, 2016

Honoring "Lyle Smith" EOW 2016

  • Three unlikely souls came together with a common goal to make a difference. Lyle Smith with medical issues from his job a Haz-mat investigator, Steve Lach  made beer and a bio-chemist developed  "CLEANO". An industrial strength concentrated cleaner made from plant based fatty acids. No VOC, phosphates, or toxic substances. 2014  I discovered "CLEANO" and it help me with my compromised respiratory system. "CLEANO" The alternative we've been waiting for. 2116 we lost Lyle because of Chemicals, RIP Brother.



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